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I have to admit, its pretty good... there's something that i cant explain that makes the artwork look worse than it could've been.. sorry that I'm not much help.... :(
.... also, i don't know what vision, technique, and impact really means, so I was wondering if you could message me as soon as you can about that??? I'm new here, so yeah, sorry again if I wasn't that much of a helpful person :(

... your drawing actually looks like Ichigo and Kisshu, unlike mine... :( so here are four words: it is really good.

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Iloveyoukisshu Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know it not is my best. I think it is ichigo's face about her nose. XD
and it also was the first time I tryed to make something transparent. :)

and don't be sorry about it I really like to get critique.:aww: it can never make me draw more bad, it can only make me better at draw.:D

I think this is what it means:

Vision - how do you think it looks?
Originality - is it something you think is really speciel and maybe haven't seen something like that before?
Technique - do you like my way of draw? (ex. do you like my lines not is black but the same color as what their are around?)
Impact - not sure about this. google say it also can explains with effect, action, effective.

hope it helped and welcom to deviantart^^:heart:
Ninja-Kitty-Jen Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
thx :)
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